1. What is AGRIC?
AGRIC is an existing agricultural farm spread over thousands of hectares in Malaysia.

Our mission is to create a complete financial ecosystem for agricultural industry that will achieve greater efficiency, resolve problems the industry has been facing and make agricultural sector independent of banks, taxes and payment processing fee etc.

2. When and where can I buy AGRI Coin?
AGRI Coin’s pre-token sale will begin in first quarter of 2018. People who wish to donate to support AGRI Coin will participate in the crowdfunding by sending certain currency to the project’s address.

3. How do I participate in the ICO?
AGRIC would be launching its ICO (Initial Coin Offering) in second quarter of 2018. To participate in our token sale, you must have cryptocurrency, which you will use to buy our tokens.

4. What do we accept as payment?
We accept payments in Ethereum.